Help Wanted

Good Morning!

Tower Ladder 3 responding.

While running this website and Facebook page, I do my best to keep up.  I am a one person show.  So far I think I have done a decent job getting the alerts out to you.  I also like to share stories and videos of the fire service in general.  I realize this is a Boston theme and it is the focus, but I like to share the fire service in general.

What am I looking for?  I am looking for people in the Boston Metro area that are fire buffs.  People that would be willing to submit any photos or videos of action in the Boston Metro area.

Of course you will get full credit and link back to your site or wherever you would like to be recognized.  This can be a great way to get some exposure for your photography skills.  In just the first couple months of this site being live, we are getting well over 100,000 page views each month.

If this is something you might be interested in, hit me up with a message on the Facebook page, or email me at eric@



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North Attleboro House Fire March11, 2015

4 Alarm Fire in Auburn, MA March 12, 2015