Helmet Cam of Roof Vent March 23, 2015. Coal Twp, PA

Another truckie delight.  This is from Anthony Bendele.

On March 23rd, 2015 our Tower was dispatched to our 10th working fire of 2015. This time a 3 alarm dwelling fire in Coal Township, PA. After initially arriving in the City of Shamokin on a transfer assignment, we were then sent to the scene for truck operations. We arrived on scene and set up for operations on the alpha side of the structure. Our crew was split with myself and 2 others headed to the roof, and 3 others going interior for fire suppression/overhaul. After making it to the roof and assessing what we had, I went to work on opening 2 separate vertical vents. During my first cut I realized that my saw wasn’t oiling properly so I requested my 2nd saw while working on cut number 2. After the first two vents were opened up we made our way to a flat roof on the charlie side of the structure to assess if that needed opened as well. After seeing no visible fire or heavy smoke conditions, I decided not to place any holes (horizontal ventilation was sufficient). As smoke conditions increased from our first two vertical vents, we pulled off the roof and headed back to the bucket. For the next hour we worked on completing other assignments on the fire ground before being released by command. In all the tower was on scene for approximately 3 hours before returning back to quarters.

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Written by BFW

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