Cincinnati Fire Department LODD at 4 Alarm Fire

As America remembers two Boston Firefighters, there was another LODD this morning in Cincinnati at a 4 alarm fire.

FAO Daryl Gordan.  Daryl was a 26 year member of the Cincinnati Fire Department.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of one of our city’s protectors,” said Mayor John Cranley. “Daryl Gordon passed away this morning after being injured in the line of duty. The term ‘hero’ is often over-used in today’s society, but Daryl truly meets the definition. He valiantly put himself in harm’s way to help residents in the building. It takes a special breed of person to rush into a fire when the natural instinct is to flee. As General Norman Schwarzkopf once said, ‘True courage is being afraid, and going ahead and doing your job anyhow. That’s what courage is.’ Daryl Gordon epitomized this philosophy.”


Firefighter Gordon was critically injured when he fell down an elevator shaft.  This audio starts after the 3rd alarm was activated.

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Written by BFW

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